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Arms of the Angel

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My Story as a singing angel began when I started singing in church as a teenager in Holly, Michigan. I sang the song a�?Waft her Angels to the skiesa�? for a baptism! My gift of voice comes from God, and now more than ever I want to sing to comfort and heal, and in that context make love connections with whomever I sing to! I want to raise spirits, move emotions, heal the over active brains in this world and keep alive the new possibilities of love and how love can heal whole communities!A� Only with love vibrations and the help of loving people can we reach our higher selves.

Indirectly because of my Dad who had a fall in his house, A�I developed a chronic condition that affected my digestion, spine, endocrine system, and autonomic nervous system. I went to many doctors of all sorts. Ultimately I had to figure out myself, and it turns out God was telling louder than ever to use my singing talents as my medicine!A� And now I reach out to others with my vocal talents and creativity to do the same for you, for it is only in giving or paying it forward A�that we receive and are healed.

Music has been proven to keep balanced emotions body mind and spirit!

Doris Angel performs Concerts, with her stories that people can relate to. The titles of her programs, a�?A Renaissance of Lovea�?, “Experiences of Love and connection through Music” from Celtic, Renaissance, Spiritual, Classical, Pop, and her own inspiring Originals comforts, heals, relaxes, raises vibrations, heals emotions.�A Healing Concert in Rochester, MIchigan, on lute and harp. Stories of intimate love, eternal love, transformation from hardships, keeping dreams alive, taking one day at a time, and a spirit of one body with a sing a�� a- long at the end!

I am open to any setting suitable for my lute, harp, vocals, and piano or keyboard repertoire, and my backing tracks of classical and Celtic music.

This song is a comforting song for me called Tribes, inspired by a friend named Tex who wrote the words for me. I am paying it forward for all of you to be comforted and inspired to create something and pay it forward to someone else. To make a better place for people everywhere with music, love, peace and harmony.

Contact me at:A�dorisinging@gmail.comA�or 650-213-6463A�for benefits, fundraisers, health and wellness events.

Sincerely, with love,

Doris Angel

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