Healing Services


How did I come to know my truth, my passion, my soul calling for myself?  Through many trials travails and experiences. Most of all by a dis-ease I contracted years ago.  My father fell in his house in Michigan and I was in California.  He was alone in his house, and fell.  I was distraught, distracted and didn’t know where to turn, when to go, what to do.  My good friend Suzanne who had taken care of him, cleaning up the house and everything told me I should come.  So I did.  The dis-ease was a sleep deprivation that I still have to this day.   It caused a lot of problems back then with digestion, and still does to some extent.

I tried everything – crystals, pills, chiropracters, regular doctors, massage, prescription medicine.  All of these gave me some help, but nothing permanent.  What I found was that music, and my singing above anything else was the best MEDICINE!  It kept my brain balanced, my emotions healthy and singing gave me a release.  I also started creating more songs on the spot!  IFOUND MY TRUTH, MY PASSION was more crucial to my survival than ever before!

WHAT could that be for any of you? HAve you found your truth, your passion?  A way of expressing yourself that keeps you healthy?

I can help you reveal yourself – healing your throat chakra – being more expressive and thereby getting rid of unwanted, negative or excessive emotions that block your alignment, and can turn into disease and illness.


It all starts with the BREATH!

As a singer I Know about Breath.  I did regular breathing exercises before warm-ups.  To increase lung capacity, have more breath control, and enlarge my chest and stomach area.  I am more aware now of my breathing apparatus and have more control as a singer.


So it’s natural, as the ancients taught us, as in yoga practice, orana, or lifeforce, that Breath is the beginning of a journey of knowing yourself, slowing down, being present in your body, listening to your body. The chinese also have a practice of listening to the belly and heart, probably the two most crucial chakras, solar plexus and heart chakras  that are tied to intuition, knowledge, depression, wounded souls – the gut feelings that tell you something is not right.  Anxiety is felt a lot in the tummy.  That’s why we have so much diseases now of the stomach.


So, with my breath work, I transform people’s lives, as I did with my friend Sue Corless, who has MS, COPD and other complications, plus anxiety.  After working with my breath, grounding and vocalizing program, she was able to breath better in her chest, less rattling, her circulation came back to her toes, she walked better!  Could move around!  Less tightness in her neck and shoulders!

It all has to do with deep breathing, and intention of using the breath to heal your body, mind and spirit, slow it down so there’s less anxiety, less worry, less distractions, and a beginning of peace, calm, opening up the heart, relaxing nerves and the brain, the muscles, your whole BODY!


If you have read this far, I invite you to a transformation with my anxiety Buster program, a transformation from anxiety, worry, stress, fears, inhibition, frustration, distractions, loneliness, depression, and illness in your stomach, guts, chest,  back, head, neck, shoulders, and help relieve insomnia. I am living proof of this!  This program will heal your worries to calm, to peace, to open heart, and less shyness even!


My program is a 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 6 weeks where we will work one on one with your issues, dissolving them one by one using:

positive mindset, breath, grounding that I learned and has healed me from computer and electronic allergies,

centering using tai chi, vocalizing work to release emotions, ancient chants or making up some that fit you, sometimes dancing in circles, for circles gives you energy especially in the important areas in the sacral and solar plexus, the areas of creativity.

Then the Best healing of all from my high vibrational and high frequency voice from the 8th dimension, coupled with my healing harp. Harp is the most healing of all instruments for grief, sorrow, pains, worries, anger, negativity, wounded hearts, wounded souls, fears and worries, frustrations, depression and loneliness!  It is my mission to spread the word about the miraculous harp, the harp that soothed David and the king he played for.